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San Francisco Magazine’s “Best of San Francisco” // Best Wedding Photographer 2017

so much has happened in my life over the last 10 months, i don’t even really know where to begin. all i can say is that when something happens to you — whether it breaks your heart in a million pieces or makes it feel like it could burst from overwhelming gratitude…


in this case, my heart could burst from joy and gratitude. why? because the july, “BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO” issue of san francisco magazine is out and I was named best wedding photographer. me?!?! little ol’ glady?!? i cannot believe it. sometimes, life throws you a real nice surprise and you think, “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?” but i’ve also learned the last 10 months that you cannot question so much. you accept it.

i am overwhelmed with gratitude for this recognition. honestly, i thought it was a prank when the editor first reached out. i still can’t believe it. i am completely blown away and honored. all i can say is THANK YOU. i know how much talent there is out there. and to be recognized with incredible, extremely talented people in the industry — i could burst. from the bottom of my heart, i am grateful. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

here’s a peek into what’s written inside…

gladys allen makes it her mission to document weddings with the intimacy of a family member or friend. she defuses the staginess of the whole situation by making it a policy to scrap that first round of awkward, just-getting-warmed-up photos and asking questions that get the pair focusing on each other, not the camera. the result: effortless, fly-on-the-wall photos of people wearing their feelings on their faces, not a superglued smile in sight. 


honored. grateful. blown away. thank you.


photo below is from the best of san francisco party :)
my husband, sister, and best friend made me stand in front of the wall of “best of” covers and took what felt like hundreds of photos. it brought me so much happiness to see how proud they are. love them so.

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