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This is the first September in 5 years where my schedule isn’t jam packed with weddings. September has always been my craziest month. I’m talking no sleep til I’m dead kind of crazy. This year it’s different. A little weird, yet refreshing.

The easy thing to do, which I’m sadly good at, is beat myself up about it. Compare, scroll, compare. The pits of social media.

I let work consume my life. Don’t we all? Not proud of it. Just the other night, my husband had to raise his voice to tell me to get off the computer. Did he have every right to? Yes. Did I do it? No.

So, instead. I’m going to take full advantage.

Aside from a few sessions, and a whole lot of editing, I will see this slow September as a blessing.

I will focus on…

showing more work
creating just for the hell of it
spend time with my dear husband, my family, friends
share photos from barcelona (the trip I took almost a year ago – ugh. seeeee!)
work on not losing my sanity over minuscule things
living a well balanced, and happy life

I leave you with this image. Last week, I spent a few hours away from my desk just to create. No dress to hang, no formula, no time constraints.

Just pure creation.


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Travel: CHICAGO!

The first time I visited Chicago was in 2011. We spent our days walking, and eating our way through the city. Oh, the memories!

To say I’m excited to go back is an understatement.

September 10 – 13.

If you are in the area, and want to get in front of the camera — let’s make pictures!

Simply shoot me an email at:


head on over to the contact section of my site.

can’t wait! x


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A brand new Gladys Jem

The day is here!

My new brand & website are finally L I V E! 

It’s been a long time coming. The past two seasons have been filled with realizations, growth, ups & downs, and a little crazy. I’ve wanted a new look for quite some time now — way before we started the process for this 9 months ago.

I wanted a home that showcased my photography without any distractions. A brand that reflected my growth, and who I’ve become as a photographer. A place where I can confidently tell the stories of the people who’ve so graciously welcomed me into their lives.

Today feels like a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t be more proud or happier!



All of this wouldn’t have been possible without my incredible & talented designers, Morgan and Jayne. I originally had different designers lined up for this re-brand, but decided to move forward with October Ink after a bit more research. Choosing them was one of the best decisions I made last year. This entire process has been painless. Well, I hope they can say the same. Ha! I’m so thankful for them. For their quick replies, countless emails, phone consultations, suggestions, questionnaires, and for dealing with my tweaks just hours prior to launch. They are an absolute pleasure to work with!

For those of you reading this, and to my sweet couples…thank you! It’s been a wild ride, this photography journey — but I appreciate your constant support. Even with the lack o’ bloggin lately. Now that this is live, expect to see more posts from me.

This. A fresh start in this new season. It feels wonderful! 2015 has just begun, but I look forward to where this year will lead. Cheers to new beginnings!


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One frame: Amsterdam

Last December, I traveled to Amsterdam + Berlin & Hamburg. Time is flying, yet I’ve not shared any images. Sigh.

I’m missing everything about my time abroad.

Maybe it’s because we don’t get proper winters in San Francisco, but I sure crave it. Lots of winter dreamin today.


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Portrait: Sara G

A simple portrait of a dear friend

Shot with my 35mm / Portra 160

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