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When your husband puts film in your stocking during Christmas, you take your 35mm and go on an adventure with your friend. Well, at least that’s what I did.

This is the beautiful Jennie in lovely CA sunlight.

Shot with Kodak portra 400 // Scans by light waves imaging.

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Let it go.

It started out with an email asking if she could second shoot for me. After two weddings together, we met up for lunch. That’s when we really had time to get to know each other. I asked a simple question, and her answer came with tears. Immediately I knew she’d be someone I’d become close with. There we were, surrounded by the lunch crowd with tears streaming down our faces. And all because of the question, “Tell me a bit more about your husband.”

I went back and forth on whether or not I’d want to share these images. They reflect something so personal, and hauntingly heartbreaking. But then I thought, that’s why I should share them. Sadness, the beauty in being broken, darkness, and moving on. It’s real. I love these images because to me they are so honest.

It would have been so easy to highlight the shoot that happened before the woods. The pretty in a coffee shop. But, no. These images are a reminder to me that life is a gift. Whether it be a first kiss on a wedding day, or tears because of divorce. It all leads to going forward. Moving on, learning, and starting over.

R- You are such an inspiration to me. I’m grateful that you asked me to photograph you in this moment of your life. I look forward to more random friday nights of laughter, heart to hearts, and dancing at the tiki room. x

there’s no need to be angry. its okay to be sad. i just have to trust there’s something better for me out there, swirling around in the universe. 

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