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This piece written by my favorite singer / songwriter, took my breath away while sitting on a beach in the Dominican Republic. Chris was playing volleyball with new friends, and there I sat, tears slowly filling up my eyes. I’ve always been a fan of Sara Bareilles’ words & music. When she came out with a book, I didn’t even question it. I knew I needed it.

Below is from a chapter called ‘Beautiful girl’ …

“I am your friend and I wouldn’t lie to you. This will be a conversation you can count on having with yourself forever and ever, so get comfy. There are always going to be reasons to doubt your own worth; the question is, how far do you allow yourself to go down that road before you look up and realize that, just like that girl in the ruby-red slippers, you had the power to come home all along?

Things evolve into other things. Emotions do the same. Forever. Your best ally in all of these shifting seas is your faith in the fact that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Stay put. Stay soft. Stay gentle and kind. Listen to your instincts. Meditate. Pray. Laugh as much as humanly possible. Pain is okay too. Say thank you for all of it. Feel proud that you have spent most of your life’s energy on cultivating a strong connection to your own soul and the will of your heart. It is leading you somewhere deeply satisfying but never perfect. Observe what is painful right now and see if you can stay courageous enough to share it wholly and honestly. Invite it into your house and be a good student. You are a patchwork quilt of all these past selves, all these wounded little girls, and they are all here too, listening in some form or another. You have grown into someone I am very proud of, and though I wish I could give you the gift of knowing we won’t ever need to have this conversation again…that’s not really the point, and probably not true. The work is learning to love whatever it is, so for now let’s do that, shall we? “

It’s like she knew what I needed to hear. Then, wrote it in such a way that hurts & heals your heart at the same time.

I’m putting it here because maybe you need to hear it too.


gladys jem

Photo of myself in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic.

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